The business world is changing.  It is no longer enough to keep your head down, do a good job and expect the rewards and recognition to come your way.

Marketing guru and author, Seth Godin, recently stated in this article from Business,  “If you're the average person out there doing average work, there's going to be someone else out there doing the exact same thing as you, but cheaper. Now that the industrial economy is over, you should forget about doing things just because it's assigned to you, or "never mind the race to the top, you'll be racing to the bottom."

However, if you're different somehow and have made yourself unique, people will find you and pay you more, Godin says.

We are all unique and have gifts to share with the world.  But many of us have not taken the time to really think about and define how we are different, how we stand out.

I challenge you to explore who you are at your core.  What experiences and skills do you have that make you uniquely you.  What is it that you stand for?  Write it down—put it on your LinkedIn profile or Facebook page.   Really claim it and then…live it.

Don’t sit back and wait for others to choose you and recognize you.  Choose yourself and take control of your own career. 

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