Being a Colorado native you naturally become a Broncos fan whether you are really into football or not.  Just living in the Mile High City you get swept up by the enthusiasm of the fans in this city.  It has been a whirlwind season and today the Broncos are facing the New England Patriots under the leadership of Tim Tebow.  Some have their doubts of how the game will turn out for the Broncos but you can't help but be impressed by the character of their leader, Tim Tebow.

As a leadership coach, born and raised and still living in the Denver area, I thought it would be fun to share this article from, 5 Leadership Lessons From Tim Tebow's Game-Time Audio.  Tebow wore a microphone during the game against Chicago.  From that audio, Eric Savitz saw these leadership skills.
  1. One team, to the end.
  2. Be friendly with your competition.
  3. In tough times, focus on the first step.
  4. Don't let your boss see you sweat.
  5. Shake off mistakes; emotionally support your team.

These are lessons that can be applied in any environment.  Whether you are a Broncos fan or not, I encourage you to read this article and there is even a link to the audio feed.  Then I would love to hear your thoughts.  Just click on the title of this post and leave me a comment.


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