Well, here we are... day one of the New Year. 

I have always enjoyed looking back over the previous year and remembering all the wonderful accomplishments, challenges and lessons learned that I am truly grateful for.  It is amazing how much you can forget throughout the year.  Reflection and gratitude are very important tools that help me realize just how far I have come and keep me focused on where I want to go.  I just have to remember to do use them.

While I do enjoy reflecting, I don't like making New Year resolutions.  Why make resolutions and in the event you don't fulfill them feel bad and beat yourself up.  Now don't get me wrong.  I think setting goals is essential to getting things done but who says we need to start over every year?

So this year I am taking a new approach.  I am selecting a theme for the new year.  I heard about this approach from a friend and coach of mine, Molly Luffy.  When she explained the concept, to pick a theme and then focus your goals around that theme, I was very intrigued.  Why not try a different approach rather than abandoning the concept altogether.

So this year I am selecting a theme and then aligning my goals throughout the year to this theme.  My theme for the year is TRUST.  Trust in myself.  Trust in others.  Trust in my intuition.  Trust in the right opportunities appearing at the right time, etc., etc.

What about you?  Are you stuck in the same rut I was about making resolutions and then worrying all year whether you would succeed?  Or have you just abandoned making resolutions altogether?  Why not try a new approach and pick a theme?  Let's see what the new year can bring.