About a year or so ago, I became fascinated with numerology.  I find it quite interesting how accurate some of this information is based on the date and time of your birth.  I don’t claim to understand it all but I do love exploring more about it.

To indulge my fascination, I get a Daily Life Guide report from Life-Answers.com.  Today my report read:  Hello Lisa -Saturday, January 7, 2012- Focus your attention back on your body and physical world today. There are many healing forces at work to heal and beautify. Whether it's you, your drawers or your closet, clean house and get rid of the clutter. Don't let things get under your skin, either!”

Now I am not so immersed in numerology that I let it control my life but I do pay attention to the message.  I had already committed to get back on track with eating healthier and attended my weekly Weight Watcher meeting first thing this morning.  So when I read this daily life guide, I smiled to myself about the synchronicity of the message.

It is a cold day here in Colorado with a forecast for light snow.  I had just settled down at my computer to write this blog for Day 7 of the Ultimate Blog Challenge, when my husband announced he was going to start walking 30 minutes a day, starting now.  Normally I would have showed my support and wished him well on his walk and snuggled in deeper to my warm cozy chair.  But then I remembered my daily life guide and the part that read “Focus your attention back on your body and physical world today…”  So I grabbed my coat and told him to wait up!

Since I am on a roll after that invigorating walk, I am now going to heed the part of the message that reads “…clean house and get rid of the clutter.”  I have been putting off organizing my desk and office for a while now but I am getting the message loud and clear that today is the day. 

Now I know some of you may not be believers and share my fascination with numerology, but my lesson learned is to slow down and pay attention to the little messages that the universe is sending my way.  Whether it be numerology, astrology, tarot or just plain old intuition, pay attention. 

What has been nagging at you lately that you have been putting off doing?  I would love to hear your comments and feedback.