Last night I had the pleasure of attending a workshop about transitioning hosted by Janet Fiorenzo.  A fabulous group of ten women of various backgrounds, ages and stages in their lives, came together to share stories of transition and what they are experiencing.  It is always amazing to me the energy that is felt when women come together for a common purpose.

Janet taught us a new tool that we can use to assist us at this time of self discovery.  Deep Listening according to Janet “is a way of listening with the intention of hearing underneath the surface or conscious level.  In practicing this type of listening, we ‘hear’ ourselves or another without the many filters that come for our feelings, thoughts, beliefs, self-talk and aspects of ego.”

It was very freeing to have someone be present with you and to truly listen to whatever you felt like sharing.  Even though most of these women were virtually strangers and their stories of transition were all different, it was comforting to know we are not alone in our journey.  After a stressful day, I walked away from the workshop feeling very calm and peaceful.

This morning, still feeling the peacefulness of the night before, I came across this wonderful video about the 10 Rules for Being Human.  The message of this video from my favorite inspirational site Simple Truths shares many of the same messages we discussed last night at the workshop.  I hope you take a few minutes to stop in your busy day and watch the video and think about these 10 rules that we somehow lose sight of as we move through our busy lives.

I hope you enjoy it.

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