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Three Small Steps for Big Wins

Posted by Lisa Berquist on Wednesday, March 27, 2013, In : Career 
Have you ever noticed that when your confidence is low, you downplay your strengths and overemphasize your flaws?  Or, that when you feel small, you act small, or not at all?  When this happens your self-esteem and confidence plummets and the cycle sends you spiraling downward until you feel as if you are a loser - a lost cause.

That simply is not true.  You have gifts, attributes, and skills that are uniquely yours.  And if you look back over your life, you will find that you have exp...
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Is It Time To Kick Some "Buts"?

Posted by Lisa Berquist on Thursday, May 31, 2012, In : Empowerment 

Are you a dreamer, a doer or both?  Is your head in the clouds, full of ideas, are you able to plant your feet on the ground and take action?  Confident people let their imagination soar with possibilities and have the courage to take action.

If you find yourself dreaming big but acting small, you might need to kick some "buts" that hold you back.

Test yourself.  Think of a dream, big or small.  Do you have any "buts" holding you back?
  • "But I don't have enough time.."
  • "But there's n...

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