"Lisa is the most inspirational coach I have encountered.  Not only does she patiently listen, but she also has a natural talent for guiding oneself into making solid decisions.  Lisa has supported me through her strong and ethical coaching practices for years.  She opened my eyes to possibilities in my career that had incredibily positive impacts to my personal life.  With Lisa's coaching/guidance, I discovered there was "more out there" for me and there was no need to fear the unknown.  Thank you, Lisa!"

Kelly A., Denver, CO



“Lisa is a wonderful coach. She is an excellent listener and asks insightful and helpful questions. Her ideas are always useful and thought-provoking. She brings a fresh perspective to any situation. I enjoy working with and meeting with Lisa - she always brings clarity to the situation. I would definitely recommend her!”

Jan T., Director-Marketing



"Lisa is a truly amazing coach!  Her thoughtful questions kept my busy brain on track and she was able to help me organize my ideas into an actual project with concrete goals. I was so energized after our coaching session!  Lisa, thank you for helping my 'out there' idea find a place to grow and become reality."

Bonnie C., Vancouver



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